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Lanes on I-240 and overpass closed

Memphis drivers may want to skip the section of I-240 at Walnut Grove.

One lane on Walnut Grove and one lane on northbound 240 will be shut down for a week.

 Yesterday, part of a flat bed truck was too high and hit the overpass bringing down chunks of cement.

Mike Brewer was behind the truck.

"When it hit the bridge it was nothing but concrete coming down on the car," Brewer said. "Basically, it scared the Hell out of me."

Brewer said he had only seconds to respond. "I slammed on the brakes, had my seat belt, just kind of did a little prayer," he said.

Driver David Murrell was on top of the overpass when the truck hit.

"I just hear a boom and I reacted like this because I thought it was beside me," he said. "I looked to my side and saw dust or what I presume was dust coming up."

Not only did the truck take out part of the bridge it also took out a water main. Water flowed from an MLGW pipe onto the road below. MLGW officials said water service in the area was never affected by the accident.

Traffic was backed up for miles and causing a ripple effect around the city, as drivers looked for different routes home.

Mike Brewer was happy to be able to get home.

"We looked at each other and said 'are we ok? Are we ok?," he said. It was a question no doubt asked by many drivers caught in this commuter crisis.

Several hours after the crash, the Interstate reopened.

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