Northwest Airlines mechanic's strike enters third day

Northwest Airlines's Mechanic Union strikers picketed outside Memphis International all day Monday. On day three of the strike, union members say the walkout is having an effect. They point to Northwest Airline arrival and departure documents that show delays.

Passengers noticed minor delays when they glanced at the Northwest flight display. But some, like college student, Lauren Smith experienced significant delays. "first it was 8:11, then it was 8:30, now its 8:36 and it departs at 9:10, which was delayed, " said Smith.

Lauren Smith's frustration and the terminal departure and arrival schedules don't tell the whole story. Northwest Airline Documents showing all departures and arrivals for Northwest hubs since the mechanics strike began show hundreds of delays. By noon Monday--almost a quarter of today's departing flights in Memphis were delayed. Two of those flights by more than an hour.

The reason for the delays, puzzled Suzanne Denzin with Omega Travel. "This one says delayed due to plane change..thats unusual when that's their originating point," said Denzin.

The mechanics union says its proof the strike is working. " The guys that are there don't have the experience to achieve the on time departure for that northwest has for their schedule," said Billy Brandt, AMFA local representative.

But Northwest issued this statement, "We continue to experience a normal operating day....Like any major airline that offers as many flights with as many aircraft as Northwest, we experience mechanical delays and cancellations every day."