MID-SOUTH HEROES: Queen of Binghampton

MID-SOUTH HEROES: Queen of Binghampton

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Some consider her royalty, while others would call her a hero.

A Mid-South woman is dubbed the Queen of Binghampton for her years of service to people of all ages in her Memphis community.

She's even got a former Memphis Tigers and NBA star on her side.

For all those reasons and more, Alice Davis has earned the honor of this month's Mid-South Hero.

The sign hanging in the hallway of the Lester Community Center says it all: "What we are thankful for."

Parents, children, and seniors would happily fill in that sentence in with the name: Alice Davis.

Davis has worked for the City of Memphis Parks and Services Division in the Binghampton community for more than 35 years.

She pours love into her work watering the plants, folding basketball uniforms, and helping kids with their work.

"I just want to ensure that we get everything done that needs to be done in the evening and to set up also for the next day," Davis said. "Sometimes the children are just here, and I just love being around them, so I stay here with the children in the evening time."

Davis' influence in the community and countless hours at the center led to a special bond with Memphian, former NBA player, and East High School boys' basketball coach Anfernee 'Penny' Hardaway.

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"She's like a mother figure to everybody in the neighborhood," Hardaway said. "I was just one of the little big-headed kids running around the neighborhood that she took under her wing. What she did had a lot to do with where I am today because she kept us out of trouble. She kept us in the gym and in the park doing sports and that kept us away from the gangs and all the negativity that could have come along with that."

Hardaway always lends a hand during the holidays or anytime Davis calls on him.

"He provides Thanksgiving baskets for 100 families during Thanksgiving," Davis said. "He provides several toys, clothes and educational tools for the children during Christmas. I just have a love for Penny Hardaway."

Davis doesn't let anything stop her. She was carjacked at gunpoint in December 2017 on her way to an event handing out baskets.

She said after that scare she felt the love of community members, who have dubbed her the Queen of Binghampton.

"The good thing out of that is - the Binghampton community, the Orange Mound community, the Lemoyne Owen community put their arms around me and they really, really showed love," Davis said. "And that said a whole lot to me. I really am the 'Queen of Binghampton.'"

Her dedication to those who need guidance, a high-five, a coach or a friend truly makes her a Mid-South Hero.

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