Rising water on Mississippi River causes part of Big River Crossing to close

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - After heavy rains earlier in the week caused flooding in some areas of the Mid-South, officials with Big River Crossing said they closed the floodwater section of the trail Friday and plan to close the Arkansas gate Sunday night.

This was Katherine Marta's first walk on the trail during a visit from Idaho.

"First time I've seen this river since I was a kid, so it's really nice to be here," Marta said.

It's also the first time she heard about the trail's temporary closure.

"Then I'd have to ask why because the safety precautions seem extreme," Marta said.

Officials with the trail said it's because the Mississippi River is forecasted to reach 26-and-a-half feet by Saturday. The section of the trail in the floodway goes underwater at 26 feet.

The flooding happens every year and the closure is a precautionary measure, but visitors will still be able to go in and out at the Memphis gate to look at the Arkansas flood planes.

Franklin Black from Covington said it's something people from the Mid-South are used to.

"It's really risen since I saw it last. It's going to go higher too with all the rains, it's no question about that. For safety sake, if they have to do it, they have to do it," Black said.

Officials said they will reopen the Arkansas gate once the water recedes, and it's deemed safe.

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