Crittenden County suffers from lack of rain

With nary a drop of rain from the sky, Crittenden County fields are dry.

Just ask John McFarland.  "We had the driest May and June that I know of on record," he said.

McFarland is an extension service worker who advises farmers during tough times.

"In my opinion the entire overall economy of this country is based on agriculture," he said.

That is why there's such concern and why Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee hopes farmers will get help.

Boyce Johnson farms many acres in Arkansas.  He says it's not just the ground cracking drought that's hurting him.

"The pods are just flat and that's because they've received virtually no rain in July," he said.

Johnson says all time high diesel fuel costs as well as skyrocketing fertilizer fees are making life tough.

"We're really gonna be short this year," he said.  "I think we're gonna be off as much as 25 percent this year maybe as much as 30."

McFarland says a smaller supply could mean a bigger price tag for you at the cash register,

"The whole commodity is reduced then yes, that will drive prices up and you could feel it at the store."

A lack of rain causing pain both in the fields and in the aisles.