8th-graders pay tribute to victims in FL high school massacre

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A group of 8th-graders took time out of the middle of their school day to honor those killed in the Parkland, Florida, massacre.

They gathered aiming to make a difference.

"We wanted to be able to ban together," student Abigail Kellett said.

Coming together in a circle Monday morning, around 300 students at Maxine Smith STEAM Academy organized after so many lives were taken after the recent mass school shooting in South Florida.

"We had like a moment of silence, then we read the 17 names off,"  Kellett, who led the effort, said.

She said her heart dropped after learning about the mass shooting.

"I was crying days before that because I was just worried what our world is coming to. I go to school with my sister and the thought of this happening to anyone who goes to this school or any school for that matter Just makes me feel horrible," she said.

Principal Andy Demster said Monday's peaceful demonstration was all student led and a big success.

"It was a really inspiring moment when my students came to me with this idea," principal Andy Demster said. "It's just an opportunity to galvanize people and organize people around a mission and a vision."

A vision Abagail Kellett says she hopes made an impact even right here in Memphis.

"It made me feel like I had made a little bit of a difference even if it was just us 300 kids," she said.

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