Neighbors join forces to clean up after tornado

KEISER, AR (WMC) - An EF-1 tornado left a line of destruction in Osceola, Arkansas, but it could not destroy the heart and spirit of the community.

The tornado touched down Saturday, ripping off roofs, tearing down walls, and leaving piles of rubble where buildings once stood.

The storm brought 90 miles per hour winds along with heavy downpours. It is being blamed for killing a man in Clay County, Arkansas.

Two days after the destruction, neighbors are out helping neighbors clean up the damage.

People are doing everything they can to help: raking, drilling, and picking up what they find on the side of the road.

"You've got to do what you've got to do," Michael Atchley said. "Keiser has always been there for everybody, and everybody is here for Keiser now."

Atchley was out to help with the cleanup despite having one of his arms in a sling.

"Oh no. A few stitches never hurt anybody," Atchley said when asked if the sling was slowing him down.

Church members from Manilla First Baptist Church worked alongside inmates from Mississippi County to board up windows and clean up debris.

"Whatever needs to be done, just jump right in and do it. Whether you know how to do anything about it or not," Pastor Matt Pryor said. "We know that if something happened like this in Manilla, they would come too. So we just wanted to be good neighbors."

It's an inspiring display of community, revealing the character of the people who aren't letting this natural disaster stop them. In fact, they said the hard times actually make the town stronger.

"I think it shows that we can come together. The cities haven't mattered, color, nothing has mattered, religions haven't mattered. People were just jumping in there helping each other. And that's the way we're supposed to be," Gary Gardner said. "It's been an amazing--not just community but county--effort."

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