MPD rewards boy for reporting 'abduction'

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - With one phone call to police, an 8-year-old boy transformed from a make-believe superhero to one in real life.

"I had saw like a white van right here," Yonery Membreno said.

Thinking quick and paying close attention, Yonery noticed what looked like a child abduction outside of Kingsbury Elementary School two weeks ago.

He said during lunchtime, he saw a young girl walk up toward a person flashing money out of the window of a white van.

"She pulled it back and grabbed the little girl's arm and pulled her into a van," Yonery said.

He said as soon as he got home he told his grandmother.

"She called the police and I told them all the information I saw," Yonery said.

Memphis police investigated, and found out what Yonery saw was just a mom picking up her daughter, although it could easily have been mistaken for a possible abduction.

MPD took notice of Yonery's quick actions and paid him a visit at home.

"I was really surprised because I didn't know I was being awarded for it," Yonery said.

He was awarded for his actions and given a swag bag full of MPD gear. This third grader said he isn't bragging about his new award at school, but he does have a message for anyone who sees something suspicious.

"That you should report it," Yonery said.

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