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Court appearances offer new information in Tarnished Blue sting

Two Memphis Police officers and a Shelby County sheriff's deputy charged in the Tarnished Blue FBI Sting appeared in federal court today.

Wednesday's court appearances and talks with the officers' attorneys revealed more information about what the Feds are alleging.

Memphis police officer Deshone Skinner was indicted along with two civilians after an FBI sting operation. They are accused of robbing people they believed were drug couriers of thousands of dollars in drug money. The couriers were FBI agents. Memphis police officer Roderick Smith is also charged in the case.

Geno Williams is one of the civilians indicted.

"I turned myself in yesterday because I heard they were looking for me and I don't know even know these officers," he said. "I don't know none of these people."

Williams, who pleaded not guilty, said he tried to tell the judge. The judge told him to tell his attorney.

Police officer Charles Smith also indicted pleaded not guilty to tipping the feds off to an officer he thought was involved with drugs then the feds say he told the officer he was being watched.

Ted Hansom, who has represented police officers in legal trouble, said this is the strangest charge he's ever seen.

"He's really hurt about this because he went out on a limb obviously and he felt like he was doing the right thing," Hansom said.

Shelby County Sheriff's deputy Marvin Wilson pleaded not guilty to stealing expensive stereo equipment.

"The allegation is a confidential informant went to him and sold him some government owned property," said Jeffrey Jones, Wilson's attorney. "The government is trying to say Mr. Wilson knew the property was stolen."

Police officer Roderick Smith appeared in court this afternoon, and was the only officer to not receive a bond.

Wednesday, prosecutors recommended he get bond.

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