Memphis grief counselor helps Florida students after mass shooting

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A Memphis counselor traveled to Florida to help students as they returned to school weeks after they witnessed a mass shooting.

Dr. Steve Stone is a pastor from Memphis. He's also a counselor, and as a counselor, he went to Parkland, Florida, and provided a shoulder to lean on for students returning to school.

"I was overwhelmed by it, because I've done a lot of grief counseling and walked with victims and families through grief but never been part of something on such a massive scale," Stone said. "Leaving there you're going to take a part of that with you."

Stone spoke to students, law enforcement, and families of victims.

"Several of the parents said of all the things that had been done for them over the several weeks--and they were appreciative of everything that's been done--they said this was the first event that focused on love," Stone said.

Stone said he and the others in the group of ten with him passed out buttons as a symbol to show each person they are not alone.

"When we'd give a family member or a sibling one of these [buttons] they would cry," Stone said.

Despite being back in Memphis, Stone said the people he spoke to will always be a part of him.

"I told several of the parents and several of the kids that although we were leaving, we would be carrying them around in our hearts," Stone said.

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