Body of missing driver found hours after he crashed into rising water

Crawford's car being pulled out of the water. (Source: WMC Action News 5)
Crawford's car being pulled out of the water. (Source: WMC Action News 5)

CRITTENDEN COUNTY, AR (WMC) - A man who drove his car off of Interstate 55 and into water was found dead Friday morning.

DeQuan Crawford, 20, called Arkansas State Police Thursday morning around 3:30 to say his car ran off the road into water. He was standing on top of his submerged vehicle at the time of the call, according to Crittenden County Sheriff Mike Allen.

Emergency crews arrived on the scene but could not locate Crawford. Using a magnet, investigators located his car in the water near mile marker 20 on the Big Creek.

Crawford wasn't found until the next morning.

"He was just loving, a loving kid," Cynthia Holloway, Crawford's mother, said. "Everybody loved him.  People he went to school with, played ball with, he was just all around well liked."

Her last communication with her oldest child and only son was around 2 a.m. Thursday. Quan was leaving his job at the TJ Maxx warehouse on Shelby Drive in Memphis. After a quick stop by his girlfriend's house, he would hop on the interstate for the 25-minute drive home to Turrell, Arkansas.

As she did every night, Cynthia sent Quan a text telling him to "please be careful." He always replied with the same response, "yes, ma'am."

But on this night, Quan would not make it home safely.

Law enforcement showed up at Cynthia's house around 5 a.m. to deliver the news.

She and Quan's step-father went to the accident scene where they waited for hours for word of his rescue.

They were joined by dozens of friends and family members, including Turrell Mayor Dorothy Cooper, who described Quan as sweet, well-mannered, and hard-working. Everyone in town knew him.

"Turrell is comprised of 656 citizens," Cooper said.  "When one hurts, we all hurt.  We came together in this time of sorrow.  This is a sad situation."

Thursday night, before the body was found, his family formed a circle, holding each other tightly, crying at the reality setting in: Quan was gone.

When asked how she was staying so strong, Cynthia took a deep breath and replied, "Prayer. Prayer. Yep, prayer. That's what's keeping me."

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