DeSoto Co. residents hopeful bill will help flood-prone areas

(Source: WMC Action News 5)
(Source: WMC Action News 5)

DESOTO COUNTY, MS (WMC) - High waters stretch down to North Mississippi, where many residents are dealing with flooding.

However, they say they've seen it many times before.

Waking up to a yard filled with water is nothing new for resident Ethan Todd

"It's a little frustrating sometimes, it's a financial problem," Todd said.

His house sits on Holly Springs Road, a one-mile stretch along the Coldwater River that residents say is known to flood.

"A few years ago, it rained really, really hard for a couple of days, the water was actually in our yard for three or four days after it quit raining, and it washed out a pretty good part of our driveway," Todd said.

It's just one example of why local leaders are striving to fix the problem.

"Just bear with us, we're working on it," DeSoto County District 5 Supervisor Michael Lee said. "It is a money issue."

Lee said the county has been working to fund a project for years. It would build a new raised road with bridges that would hopefully stop the flooding and is expected to cost about $30 million.

"We addressed our legislation and asked them and now there's some new money coming available on a bond that they had put in," Lee said.

Lee said Senate Bill 3046 would provide $4 million specifically toward the project. The bill already passed in the state Senate and is now awaiting approval in the House.

Since 2009, Desoto County officials have acquired about $8 million for the project. The rest of the funds would be loaned through a bond.

"We want that money, we need it," Lee said. "It's going to help our citizens out in this county."

For residents like Todd, hearing plans for the long-awaited bridge brings a sense of comfort.

"Yes, it would definitely be easier, we probably wouldn't have to worry as much, you know?" Todd said.

Lee said he hopes to get started on the project by this summer and at the very latest, early next year.

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