Winter storm to slam the Northeast

Winter storm to slam the Northeast

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A low-pressure system moving through the Ohio Valley on Thursday night will make its way into the Atlantic and ride up the New England Coast, bringing hurricane-force winds, heavy rain and snow, and high tides that pose a major threat of flooding.

The storm is expected to drop a foot or more of snow in Pennsylvania, New York, and most of New England.

Once the storm reaches the waters of the Atlantic, winds are expected to increase to near hurricane strength driving a storm surge inland during a high tide that will be up to three feet higher than average due to the full moon Friday.

The storm will have the potential to bring 20 foot waves onshore along much of the affected coast.

There is no mandatory evacuation at this time but residents living on the coast have been encouraged to have a plan in place should evacuations become necessary.

Just weeks again this same area was hit with a record-breaking storm at the beginning of January and this could be the second record-breaking storm of the season.

This storm has the potential to become a bomb cyclone just as the storm in January did.

It's created when a sharp increase of cold air from the Arctic is mixed in with warm moist air streaming in from the south and then moving into the Atlantic.

Pockets of warm water add fuel to the system, causing the barometric pressure to rapidly drop which strengthens the associated low-pressure system and significantly increases the winds of the storm.

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