Families celebrate soldiers' safe return

Members of the 230th area support group have been serving in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait. Today they were treated to a hero's homecoming.

Like so many families with loved ones in the military, the waiting is the hardest part. At the armory in Dyersburg relatives waited for members of the 230th area support group to return from the Middle East where they've been serving for a year now.

"It's been a year of pure hell, it really has," said Frances Rodriguez.

"None of America was really prepared for this, I mean, who's prepared for a war," asked Ricky Rodriguez.

Chief Warrant Officer Robert Rodriguez wasn't the only soldier to get a hero's welcome. Riley Younger of Memphis turned six today; her father got home just in time to celebrate. But Staff Sergeant Jeremy Younger doesn't regret his time on the front line.

"I think I've seen first hand that its been getting better," he said.

Some soldiers say it's motivation enough to know that the folks back home appreciate a job well done.

"It's wonderful," said Rodriguez. "It's a wonderful feeling to see your family once you get back home."

"I believe they're starting up some infantry units and I'm probably going to go into that field and I believe that I would go again," said Younger.

"Unfortunately, yes, other people will have to go back, but the homecoming is the greatest part of it," said Major Dwayne Mays.