Autopsy confirms body of Emmett Till

Officials say DNA tests from a recent autopsy positively identify Emmett Till's body. The 14-year-old Chicago black youth was tortured in rural Mississippi in 1955 after allegedly whistling at a white woman. On June first, authorities exhumed the body from Till's grave in a cemetery near Chicago. Authorities also found what appear to be bullet fragments. Till was on a summer trip visiting relatives when he was abducted from his uncle's Money, Mississippi, home on August 28th, 1955. Fishermen found his disfigured body three days later in the Tallahatchie River. Alvin Sykes, who heads the Emmett Till Justice Campaign that helped reopen the Till case last year, says DNA confirmation destroys the defense claim during the September 1955 trial of two white men that the body wasn't that of Till and might have been planted by the NAACP. That's the argument the foreman of an all-white jury cited in explaining why jurors acquitted J-W Milam and Roy Bryant despite their admission that they kidnapped the teenager. They denied killing him. Sunday marks the 50th anniversary of Till's murder. Milam and Bryant are dead, but authorities have said the new investigation might reveal other conspirators who could be prosecuted.