John Ford makes Federal Court appearance

In-front of a Federal Judge Thursday morning, John Ford's attorney Mike Scholl said the process of reviewing federal surveillance tapes is taking much time and money.

"It's well over a thousand, there's a lot of hours," he said.

The tapes Scholl is looking at include scenes where agents say Ford is seen accepting bribes to influence legislation benefiting a fake company. Scholl says the process is tedious.

"Before we go to trial we'll have all this stuff transcribed," he said.  "In order to do that, we'll have multiple people listen to the tapes, go over them multiple times, just to make sure the transcriptions are correct."

Scholl says he has hired a company to transcribe the tapes and that is helping move the process along.

Scholl also said Ford is working at his family's funeral home to pay extra bills.

"He's very upbeat, he's fighting, he's adamant about his innocence and we're gonna fight this all the way through," he said.

A woman who accompanied Ford into court is said to be doing public relations for him, but she would not confirm that.

"He has a lot of support with the public and with the entire community throughout the state and throughout the world so he's definitely not going to throw in the towel," she said.

Ford is currently scheduled to return to court in early November.