Flash Market: A Family Run Company That Will Treat You Like Family

The world of service stations isn’t new to Harold Patterson. He began working in one as a teenager. From worker to proprietor, Patterson now owns well over 100 Flash Market convenience stores in the Mid-South.


A lot of years may have passed that since that first job, but for Patterson it’s always been about service and convenience, as well as recognizing his customers’ changing needs. So while the typical fare at most convenience stores has been gasoline and snack foods, Flash Market has taken it a step further by establishing relationships with several well-known eateries, including McDonald’s, Baskin-Robbins and Subway. Needless to say, these additions have been very successful and similar arrangements with other national chains are in the works.


Patterson believes in providing customers with unparalleled service that keeps them coming back. One way he does this is by offering store managers a percentage of their stores’ profits. As a result, manager turnover is low, business is up and the customer is well-served.


Customer satisfaction is the primary goal that Patterson has set for the company. He accomplishes this is by giving each individual store its own toll free phone number. Customers are encouraged to call if they have any complaints to lodge, and Patterson will personally contact them to address their issues.


For almost 40 years, service has been Harold Patterson’s business. And it’s a family business, too. His four sons have already joined him, and they are certain to pass the legacy on to their own kids when the time comes.