Officers were not targeted in N. Memphis shooting, suspect says

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Both men accused of shooting toward police officers in North Memphis on Wednesday have now been arrested.

After the shooting, the suspects led police on a chase into Midtown where they crashed.

A Midtown homeowner was out on her front porch Wednesday night picking up the mail when a Chevy Impala came racing down Avalon. The car hopped the curb, split between the fence and telephone pole, and came to an abrupt stop in her neighbor's yard.

Shannon Dixon spent Wednesday in Nashville advocating for lawmakers to pass commonsense gun bills with Mom's Demand Action only to come home to find her home a crime scene.

"It was just very ironic day that I was advocating to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals in Nashville while this was happening back home in Memphis," Dixon said.

LaDarren Easley, 24, and his passenger, who has not been identified yet, were arrested and charged with the crimes.

Memphis investigators said the crime spree began 2.5 miles away in North Memphis at Chelsea and Woodlawn. That's where a passenger in the Chevy Impala opened fire in the direction of officers who were responding to a routine call in the area.

The Impala then sped off, leading police on a chase until it crashed in Midtown.

Dixon said the duo nearly drove into two kids who were crossing the street in Midtown.

"They actually hit the telephone pole that was here and knocked here and then came into our neighbor's yard and fortunately it didn't hit their house," Dixon said.

Neighbors said the two men ditched the wrecked car, making their getaway by hopping fences and cutting between houses.

Officers captured Easley not long after the crash. His passenger was arrested Thursday.

"The thing that I want to iterate is that gun violence happens in every corner of Memphis," Dixon said. "While it appears that I am in a well-to-do neighborhood and that we are affected and that's unusual, it is indeed not."

Easley told police he and his passenger were not targeting the police officers. Instead, they were aiming at another car in the area.

A handgun was found at the scene with a 50-round extended magazine.

Easley is charged with multiple felonies, including four counts of attempted first-degree murder and evading arrest.

Before Wednesday, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation's records show a criminal history filled only with traffic violations with three prior arrests for Easley.

The latest arrest on February 13 cites not wearing his seat belt, driving with a suspended license, and driving without insurance.

His two other arrests in 2015 and 2013 were for similar crimes involving traffic violations.

The passenger was arrested Thursday morning near Brooks and New Horn Lake Road.

At this time he's not been officially charged or identified, but police said they expect him to face similar charges as Easley.

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