Man says he stabbed woman at bus stop because he 'doesn't like gay people'

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Memphis Police Department said a man is accused of stabbing a woman, and he claims it's because of her sexual orientation.

"He's got some issues," neighbor Traci Boxiley said, who lives across the walkway from the suspect.

Gaylord McDowell is charged with stabbing a 21-year-old woman in the chest with a pocket knife at a bus stop at Knight Arnold and Ridgeway, causing her to get 10 stitches at a hospital.

A bus driver pulled up, noticed the woman bleeding, and called the police. When police arrived, investigators said McDowell said, "I already know what the police got me for, for that girl!"

Her family said she did not want to talk. However, they added they had just found out that McDowell lives in the same apartment complex as the victim, but she didn't know him.

When police questioned McDowell, he claimed the victim was gay and he does not like gay people.

Neighbors said McDowell has been a problem. One woman, who did not want to be identified, lives right below McDowell.

"Originally, I thought someone lived there with him because he would be talking to someone, threatening them, saying what he would do to them," she said.

The bus driver told police she has had problems with McDowell in the past and she believes he works for the city of Memphis because he has a City of Memphis ID.

Another person from the apartment complex also said McDowell is a city employee.

Janice Broach contacted City of Memphis to find out if Gaylord McDowell works for the city. She was told they would get back to her, and later that she would have to file a Freedom of Information request and that could take 30 days.

Boxiley said she can't imagine McDowell working for the city of Memphis.

"I'd be real shocked not him cause he's got some issues," Boxiley said.

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