Missing 9-month-old found safe, dad still on the run

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A frantic search for a missing Memphis baby had a happy ending on Saturday.

Memphis Police Department said nine-month-old Jah-Arius Stovall was reunited with family after his father allegedly ran away with him while intoxicated.

Even though the child is now back with his mother, family members say this is not the first time the suspect has caused terror and grief for his loved ones.

Stovall's aunt, who asked to remain anonymous, said her nephew is a victim of an ongoing relationship involving domestic violence.

The woman said her sister called her Saturday around 2 a.m., screaming that Jah-Arius had been taken by his father, Joseph Mallory, during an argument.

MPD said Mallory was intoxicated and took off running from the Pendleton Place Apartments.

"We really didn't know what he was capable of. We knew he had been drinking a lot and under the influence of a couple of other drugs," the aunt said.

MPD issued a City Watch Alert for Stovall.

After more than six hours of worrying and waiting, Jah-Arius' aunt said a third party--a woman they don't know--showed up to the apartment with the baby in her arms.

"She was cooperative with police, she was respectful, she was sorry that she was even in the middle of it, but we were grateful nonetheless that she brought him straight here and nothing was wrong with him," the aunt said.

She said Jah-Arius was scared but not hurt.

"He smiled the second he recognized our faces, so that took the tears away," the aunt said.

Mallory has two active warrants on charges of domestic assault and aggravated assault.

Records show he was arrested just four months ago for another violent incident involving alcohol where neighbors reported a fight between the couple.

The witness saw Jah-Arius' mother with a "severe black eye" and said "the beatings are ongoing and the neighbors are tired of seeing the victim constantly running from the suspect all times of the morning with her crying children."

The aunt said she wants her sister, nieces, and nephew to be safe

"For her protection, we will be around more. We've been talking to her and giving her numbers to professional people that could probably help her," she said.

Mallory has not been apprehended yet. He is described as 5-feet-7-inches tall, 130 pounds, and is suspected to be intoxicated. He was last seen wearing a black shirt with black pants.

If you see Mallory contact police.

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