Bomb squad removes inactive explosives from former MPD major's home

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Police officers shut down a street in Midtown as they investigated explosive items found inside a home.

Officers closed Vinton Avenue between Barksdale and Rembert streets for hours Monday night and called in the bomb squad and hazmat teams.

Officers said they found items in the home's basement that could be used to make explosives.

Memphis police confirmed that the home where those chemicals were found was previously the home of a retired MPD major, who passed away three years ago. The major also had a military background.

Memphis Police Department's bomb squad arrived and determined that the explosive materials in the basement were not active and did not pose an immediate threat. They were being stored in individual containers.

MPD said hazmat and bomb squad crews are working together to safely clear the area.

Out of the ordinary and just plain strange is how neighbors described their Monday afternoon.

"This was a normal day, and now it's not," Justin Dabbour said.

Many neighbors came home to blocked off streets, with MPD officers notifying neighbors they must evacuate their homes.

"This is a total surprise, I don't think anyone was expecting it," Dabbour said.

Hazmat crews and the Memphis police bomb squad worked for hours to rid the home of the harmful chemicals.

Homeowner Denise Johnson and her family went out to dinner and came home to find authorities still working.

However, it's an inconvenience she said she welcomes.

"I'm very happy that they are taking the time to do it correctly so our neighbors can be safe. It's an inconvenience, but it's for the betterment of the community," Johnson said.

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