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Evans faces jail time

Jacob Evans appeared at hearing Friday morning after being charged of violating of his parole by carrying a handgun.

Evans told the hearing official John Greer he is guilty of being a parolee with a gun, and recounted the events that got him here.

"I've been robbed and robbed," he said.

Evans wiped away tears as he talked about the minutes leading up the point where he shot one of his carjackers. Despite his insistence the gun saved his life, the hearing officer recommended Evans parole be revoked.

Evans was disappointed after the hearing, but said he'd do it all again.

"I'd rather be here talking to ya'll, and one to do this here, than to be 6 feet in my grave," he said.

The parole officer recommended Evans stay behind bars for one year before coming up for parole.

"A year is not too long," Evans said. "I'll make it. I'm going to see ya'll again"

Evans again wiped tears away as he walked back to his cell.

Patricia Steverson doesn't feel sorry for Evans. He spent more than 30 years behind bars for shooting and killing Steverson's mother, and paralyzing her.

"He want to act like he so poor and innocent," she said. "I have to roll around everyday. You don't see me walking no where."

Steverson carries a picture of her mother everywhere she goes. Evans was shooting at another man when Steverson and her mother were caught in the crossfire.

"He's not a hero," she said. "He's a hero who shoot people in the back, and killed an old women."

The recommendation to keep Evans behind bars for a year will next go to the parole board. They will decide whether or not to uphold the recommendation.

That decision will be made in a few weeks.

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