Northwest strikers continue to picket at Memphis International

Outside Memphis International Airport, a Northwest mechanics walked in circles in their continuing strike against Northwest Airlines.  Among those mechanics was local AMFA spokesman Billy Brant.

"We're still fully staffed out here," Brant said. "They're doing well, holding up well."

Brant says a week of sweating and standing up for what they believe doesn't seem to be taking its toll as of yet.

"They guys know what we're out here for and I just keep reminding them, it doesn't take a lot because we're in the right," he said.

Memphis air travellers like Devona Walton seem to not even notice there is a strike.

"Everybody was fine," she said. "People helped real good. No problem."

Memphian Jeff Kaufman has flown several times recently, and said it's been smooth sailing for the most part.

"They had a mechanic that was gonna come and do something," he said. "We waited in the plane it was maybe a ten minute wait. The ride was smooth and uneventful."

Bryant says he's in it for the long haul. "I've already sold my house, I'm in rental property," he said. "I have a little chunk of money in the bank and paid all my bills off. I'm in better financial shape than ever."

Whether others on this picket line can say the same may determine the fate of this strike.