Authorities shut doors of Platinum Plus

A busy Friday night was cut short for onestrip club's employees. Law enforcement pounced on Platinum Plus--declaring it a public nuisance.

"Specifically, it involves the possession and sale of the illegal drug ecstasy," said District Attorney Bill Gibbons.

In fact, five Platinum Plus dancers have been indicted for selling the drug inside the club.

"We made individual hand to hand buys from these five different dancers," said David McGriff of the Drug Task Force.

Police swooped in shortly after 8 P.M. Friday.

One dancer known as "Cameo" told us it was business as usual up to that point.

"We're sitting on the stage--police bust in and haul us all to the back," she said.

She's glad it's being cleaned up and claims clubs often turn a blind eye to crime.

"This is a safe haven for illegal stuff--there's girls that come in for certain things--customers that come in for certain things," she said.

But customers won't be coming back--at least for a week. Platinum Plus owner Ralph Lunati has his first court appearance next Friday.

But the DA could fight to keep it closed permanently.

"I hope this sends a message that we will no tolerate businesses engaging in illegal drug trafficking in this community," said Gibbons.