Woman accused in multiple identity thefts faces new charges

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A Memphis woman accused of stealing the identities of hundreds of people so she could lead a life of luxury now faces new accusations.

Pia Sims was arrested nearly five years ago and jailed on a $2 million bond.

She's accused by Memphis police of stealing personal information from more than 600 people.

Her court case was delayed yet again Wednesday, and now she faces new allegations.

"She called and wanted a carpet estimate," fraud victim Anthony Elmore said.

Elmore is the owner of Anthony "Amp" Elmore discount carpets and flooring and a five-time world kickboxing champion.

He said a woman contacted him in January to install carpet inside 5 Star Taxes at 3010 Park Avenue in Orange Mound.

"And she listed herself as Heidi Jefferson and she wanted carpet put into 5 Star Tax," Elmore said.

Elmore said he installed $2,600 worth of carpet.

"She paid the balance with a credit card and end of story," Elmore said.

But he soon realized the story was just beginning. The charge was denied.

He said Heidi Jefferson refused to pay up, so he filed a report with Memphis police.

Elmore said the detectives told him "Heidi" was really Pia Sims, a woman charged in 2013 with stealing the identities of 672 people.

When she was arrested, investigators said they found nearly $50,000 in cash in her car along with dozens of tax documents, social security cards, and identities.

Investigators also discovered Sims, just 26 at the time, had bought two Jaguars, a Hummer, a Mercedes, a Dodge Charger, and a Dodge Challenger.

The arrest affidavit said she promised victims grant money, but kept it for herself.

Kimberly Coleman is one of the 672 people whose personal info was stolen.

"She's taking from other people to live like a millionaire and never worked a day in her life, probably," Coleman said.

The TBI confirmed Sims had no employment history.

When WMC tried to talk to Pia Sims at the tax shop, it was closed during normal hours in peak tax season.

So WMC stopped by the address she gave Memphis police in February.

The woman who answered the door said she and her family had lived in the house since 2016 and said she did not recognize her photo.

"Hopefully, she doesn't come in the neighborhood and think she can be a predator in the neighborhood," Elmore said.

Elmore is still out $2,600 and now on a mission now to save others from potential financial pitfalls.

"Only thing I can do is try to get the word out," Elmore said. "Try to stop this, try to stop the fraud. Buyer beware. Be aware, be aware!"

WMC reached out to Pia Sim's attorney, who declined to comment.

Her next court date is scheduled in April.

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