Woman accused in multiple identity thefts looks to clear her name

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - The suspect in a massive ID theft case from 2013 wants to clear up any confusion about the status of her involvement in the case.

"I just really wanted, you know, my side to be heard," Pia Sims said

Nearly five years ago, Memphis police accused Sims of stealing the identities of 672 people.

Investigators said they found nearly $50,000 in cash in Sim's car, along with boxes of tax documents, social security cards and IDs.

Sims called WMC Action News 5 on Thursday, March 15 to set the record straight.

She said she was never convicted of any crime in that case, and the Shelby County District Attorney's Office confirms Sims was never indicted.

"I have no reason to steal anybody's identity," Sims said. "I would help anybody, not hurt them."

But local business owner Anthony Elmore begs to differ.  He said Sims hired him in January to install carpeting in her Orange Mound tax business 5 Star Taxes on Park Avenue.

Elmore said Sims refuses to pay him for his work.

"The sister girl ain't paid nothing," Elmore said.  "Zonk.  Zero.  Negative."

Sim's side of the story is that the carpet install was shoddy and that her business partner, not her, hired Elmore.

"It looks terrible in there, and I still tried to rectify the situation and give him $1,500," Sims said. "He's making it look like he's the victim when actually we're the victim."

Elmore defended his work and listed some of his clients, including the Memphis Police Department and the City of Memphis.  He's currently installing tile inside an MPD precinct and he's installed carpets in at least three Memphis libraries.

"Sims is a pathological liar," Elmore said.  "She is somebody that should be in America's Most Wanted.  She is a liar and a thief."

Sims denies his claims, and when asked if she'd ever stolen anyone's personal information to use for her personal gain, she replied, "No.  You know why?  Because I would help a person before I would hurt a person.  I would never do anything to hurt anyone.  That's not me.  That's not my nature."

Sims still has two more ID theft cases pending in court.  She calls the latest charges a "misunderstanding."

As for that massive ID theft case from 2013, involving more than 600 victims, a spokesperson for the DA's office says there won't be a comment on why there was no conviction until Sims' current cases are resolved.

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