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EMTs keep watch on Katrina

We may not get the worst of the storm here in Memphis, but some of our emergency crews could head right into the thick of it.

A group from Rural/Metro Ambulance in Memphis could get called at any time to head to Florida.

Chris Katsoulis is packed and ready to go - he just doesn't know when or if he'll leave or how long he might be gone. He says it's hard leave his family with just two hours notice, especially since he doesn't know when he'll be back.

Chris runs operations at Rural/Metro Ambulance. He may be needed in Florida to help out during Hurricane Katrina. Rural/Metro Ambulance has a team of 8 volunteers on stand-by, who could get called to Santa Rosa County, east of Pensacola. The team would be there to support 911 workers in Santa Rosa.

They have a trailer packed with generators, chainsaws, water - anything they may need to build or repair temporary shelter. They also keep three bags ready to go at all times packed with weather and emergency gear.

This same group was in Florida last month to assist during Hurricane Dennis. A second group of paramedics and EMTs from Rural/Metro Ambulance may head to Florida after Katrina passes through to clean up the storm's aftermath.

A spokeswoman for the company says the relief efforts will not affect safety in Shelby County. All of the volunteers traded in their time off to help in Florida so that local operations could continue to run smoothly.

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