Mid-South thankful for weekend rain

The old umbrella has probably collected some dust in recent weeks.

Saturday's rain was so welcome that many people just let it fall and went about their business. Even more enjoyable than the rain, were the cooler temperatures that followed.

"It's just wonderful," said James Hines.

Wonderful enough for Hines to bring his four grandchildren to the park for a game of catch. Something he wouldn't have considered doing a day earlier.

"I was out trying to cut my yard yesterday and I had to cut five and take 30," he said. "It was rough yesterday trying to cut my yard."

But the change in the weather was both positive and problematic.

In North Memphis, part of Hawkins Mill Road had to be shut down when a fallen tree got tangled up in potentially dangerous power lines.

And what measured up to a substantial amount of rain in a short period of time had very little impact on the mighty Mississippi. The Mississippi River in Memphis is at minus four feet right now.

Today's rain won't make as much of a dent in the deficit as the Army Corp of Engineers would like, only about 9/10ths of a foot. What will help even more is the rain that's been falling in the Ohio River Valley in the past week, but it will takes two or three days to flow into our region. But given the break in the heat, complaints were few and far between.