Woman chases after stolen car; both cars crash into tree, house

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A woman's car was stolen in her driveway Friday morning, but she then hopped in another car and chased after the car thieves.

According to Memphis Police Department, a car full of thieves pulled up to a home on Twinmont Street around 6:30 Friday morning. A passenger got out of the car and stole the running car from the driveway while the owner was inside her home.

Both vehicles took off. When the victim noticed the her car driving away, she grabbed a friend, jumped into their Chevy Tahoe, and chased after the thieves.

As the victim chased after the thieves, witnesses said they heard shots being fired from the three vehicles.

"I heard ten shots sitting in my bedroom," one neighbor said. "I waited, then I head ten more shots."

Officers said they never found any gunshot victims.

Eventually, two of the cars involved in the chase crashed: One carrying a thief, the other carrying the victim and her friend. One of these cars hit a tree, and the other hit a home on Rocky Park Drive.

Three people were taken to the hospital--the two people in the pursuing vehicle and one bystander who was hit by debris. All three people are in non-critical condition.

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