Puerto Ricans with Memphis ties remain without power 6 months after Irma

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Half a year after Hurricane Irma devastated Puerto Rico, Memphians say their families members from the tiny island are still suffering.

"It's frustrating. I can't imagine. I'm not over there and it's frustrating to watch the desperation," Joy Padilla-Anderson said.

Her brother and sister still live in Puerto Rico, where 100,000 people--including more than 60 schools--remain without power.

"Schools, hospitals that still have little or no electricity and no water and trying to keep up the day-by-day work," Padilla-Anderson said.

Memphis Army Corps of Engineers is doing its part to help.

Marie Normandie is on her second tour on the island since Irma made landfall.

"The remote areas are still a challenge, and they're looking toward the end of May sometime into June to get the remainder of the people on power," Normandie said.

Still, she's happy about the progress being made in Puerto Rico, saying crews have restored power to 90 percent of the island.

Padilla-Anderson said she is hopeful Puerto Rico will recover and be better than before Irma struck.

"Como se levante, they say. Puerto Rico will overcome. This is for sure," Padilla-Anderson said.

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