Shelby County on alert as Texas bomb scare continues

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A series of bombings in Texas have placed the entire country on high alert, including Shelby County.

Shelby County Sheriff's Office said its bomb squad has responded to a handful of suspicious package calls in the three weeks since bombs began exploding in Texas.

The serial Texas bomber has killed two people and injured five others. The bomber has detonated five bombs in and around Austin, Texas.

The manner of the explosions have changed from a package bomb being left on a porch to one detonating on the side of the road, and the latest damaging a FedEx facility.

"I find that unusual," SCSO Bomb Squad Commander Sgt. Judson Maxwell said. "I find that unusual for sure. Usually, once someone perfects something, they stick with it."

Bomb experts in Texas said the devices appear to be getting more sophisticated.

Despite the differences in delivery methods and detonations, Maxwell said he suspects the devices are all tied back to the same person.

Now, investigators are left trying to predict the bomber's next move.

"It's all up to the bomber. You know, it's his imagination or it's his cruelty to what his intents are," Maxwell said.

Investigators are now are warning everyone to be alert. You should look for extra tape on packages, no return addresses, or protruding wires, and be sure to report all suspicious packages immediately.

Two college educators said one of the things that makes the central Texas bombings unusual is that the crimes are happening over a short period of time in the past three weeks.

"They're looking at location," Michael Robinson said. "I think they're looking at patterns of behavior and I also think they could be looking at any underlying factors that could be contributing to relationship of some of the victims."

Robinson is the Division Chair of Social and Behavioral Sciences at LeMoyne-Owen College. He and Bruce Cole in the Criminal Justice Department have been watching the bombings in central Texas with great interest.

"We have a situation where not only has the method changed it has progressed to something being more professional or advanced," Cole said.

The first three explosions involved cardboard packages left in front yards or porches. The fourth blast was triggered by a trip wire. There were packages with explosives in FedEx sorting centers

So far, investigators do not have a motive for the bombings.

"This is someone that may be hurt, that may be seeking justice for something, but there has to be a motive and a purpose for this type of behavior," Robinson said.

These educators said whoever is doing it is watching the news.

"He's paying attention to what is going on in the news," Cole said. "He knows that they are telling everyone to be careful be suspicious."

So far, the culprit has not sent any messages.

"I know the police have reached out. Let us know what we can do to resolve these issues," Cole said.

While some people in central Texas are terrified, that terror is spilling over to other cities like Memphis.

The Shelby County Sheriff's Office bomb squad has responded to a handful of suspicious package calls. Fortunately, nothing was found.

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