MATA issues new safety warning for trolleys

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - More trolleys are returning to the tracks in Downtown Memphis, but MATA said a lot of people are forgetting the rules of the road, and it could get someone hurt.

MATA officials are now sending a safety warning for anyone who comes downtown.

Complete with bells and whistles, the vintage steel-wheeled trolley cars are back on the tracks.

"I even texted people and said 'they're back,'" student Danny Bounds said. "So I was excited they are back."

Trolleys are back in rotation downtown on Main Street, but according to the Memphis Area Transit Authority, this is just a trial run. Passengers are not allowed on board just yet.

Friday, MATA Officials released a warning to pedestrians and drivers asking them to stay alert and off the tracks.

MATA Chief Communications Officer Nicole Lacey said operators have noticed some dangerous activity.

"We've noticed pedestrians walking across the tracks without looking both ways, we've noticed folks wearing their ear buds and they can't hear if the trolley car is approaching," Lacey said.

Lacey even showed video of a car driving on the Main Street Mall. Our cameras caught two drivers doing the exact same thing, something she said should not be done.

"Our trolley cars do have bells and whistles, so we are using that to make sure we can alert pedestrians, but also alert drivers," Lacey said.

"I have been used to them not being here," Bounds said.

Some Memphians said it will take time getting used to sharing the streets with trolley cars once again.

"I always try to be cautious when I am walking on the tracks," Rodney Rastall said. "Always look behind you that's the rule of thumb."

Pedestrians are not allowed on the trolley cars just yet, but the trolleys will be open to the public next month.

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