Teenagers steal money, guns from Southaven home

SOUTHAVEN, MS (WMC) - Southaven Police Department said at least five teenagers broke into a family's home, stealing multiple weapons, money, and much more.

The family's teens came home from school to find their house had been ransacked.

However, the crooks came back, and police were ready.

"He said 'somebody's broken in,'" mother Jennifer McLain said. "He didn't know what to do. He's only 17, had no idea what do to."

That was the call McLain got at work Friday from her autistic son, who had arrived home from school with his sister to find the house ransacked and burglarized.

"They got several of my guns, hunting rifles," father LeLand Quarles said. "One pistol. That worries me. The pistol was loaded. It's one I kept by my nightstand."

Belongings inside the house were thrown everywhere. Besides the stolen weapons, the son's PlayStation was stolen, something his family said he treasured.

The crooks also stole more than $300 in cash from the son's last paycheck as a busboy.

And that's not all.

"Every time we look around, we find something else," Quarles said.

Police believe the crooks jumped over a fence in the backyard and went through the only window in the house that did not lock.

It only took Southaven PD few hours to catch most of the suspects because they returned to the scene of the crime, where three of the weapons were hidden under leaves at the house where Brandon Brock lives.

"I thought that was scary," Brock said.

Southaven PD stayed in the area because they had a description of the suspect's car and were able to detain five male juveniles and an adult female.

"The reason why we jumped on it so quick because there were guns stolen in the burglary," Southaven Police Captain Mark Little said.

The family did not have renter's insurance, so they are hoping police recover all of the stolen items including the money.

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