Tate County shelter takes in Katrina refugees

In Tate County, Mississippi, the women of the First Baptist Church are cooking up a storm.

"We're going to fix vegetables and fried chicken and barbeque and things like that," said volunteer Carolyn Rials.
The Shelter was almost full as dozens of families sought shelter from Katrina.
The Duplessis' were the first family to arrive.  They were relieved to find a place to stay after finding most motels were full.
"The shelter has been very comforting to us. And it's been a blessing to us," said Gwen Duplessis from New Orleans, Louisiana.
A blessing because her family, including her six month old granddaughter, is safe.  
As they watched then news and saw the damage she wondered about her home.  "I worry bout the water levels. Because where I live, I'm about three blocks from Lake Ponchartrain," said Duplessis.
Kym Byrd came with her four children from Purvis, Mississippi.  She has little hope her mobile home survived Katrina's winds.
But she's not worried.  "As long as we're okay," she said.  "That's what matters."