MLGW prepares for storm - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

MLGW prepares for storm

MLGW crews prepared Monday for the bad weather associated with the imminent threat from the remains of Hurricane Katrina.  Monday afternoon crews packed up transformers and poles, and moved them to different locations around the city.

MLGW says this distribution of equipment means crews will not have to come to one location for supplies, taking up precious time in the process.

"The redistribution of material and supply is a new twist," said MLGW spokesman Mark Heuberger, "and being quick about calling the crews for out of town soon rather than later."

Heuberger says utility crews from other states have also been contacted, and put on notice if the utility needs their help.  MLGW is lining up reinforcements now rather than later.

MLGW is concerned about big trees if high winds come to Memphis.  The utility says it has been a very dry summer, and some are concerned certain trees might not make it."

"We've got a lot of dry trees and brush we are concerned about," Heuberger said.

MLGW believes its crews will be ready if the worst happens in the Memphis area.  Officials will watch the weather Monday night and decide whether to call in those extra crews, who will be on standby and ready if called.

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