37 states, FTC launch investigation into Facebook's data scandal

States across the country are raising the possibility of suing Facebook.

Mississippi is one of the latest states to join in on the push for legal action against the social media giant. The Federal Trade Commission announced Monday it would investigate Facebook's privacy practices.

Facebook is in trouble for its role in a scandal perpetrated by Cambridge Analytica. The company stands accused of taking personal information from 50 million Facebook users and using that information illegally.

Both Facebook and Cambridge Analytica face legal actions for violations of Consumer Protection Acts.

"I think it absolutely does [break Consumer Protection Act law]. It could fall right in line with that, because that's the point--it's unsuspecting consumers being taken advantage of by sophisticated corporations," Memphis attorney Murray Wells said.

In Tennessee, victims must establish that the business at fault engaged in an unfair or deceptive act that caused an ascertainable loss of money or property.

So far, 37 Attorneys General have sent a letter to Facebook "demanding answers…about the company's business practices and privacy protections."

"Big Brother now are these large tech companies that have our personal information," Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood said Monday. "People just downloaded this app on Facebook that they thought was fine. They click on 'I agree.' Nobody ever reads 'I agree,' because they make them so long that you are never going to sit there and read all of it."

Hood said it's time for the Wild West mentality of the internet to come to an end.

Murray expects more states, and even other countries, to join in on the quest for answers.

Hood sent the following letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg alerting him that Mississippi was launching an investigation and warning him not to delete any relevant information in the case. Hood said Facebook did respond to the letter, but he did not elaborate on the company's response.

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