MLGW crews begin multi-day restoration efforts

MLGW has activated its emergency response plan. Crews have begun restoration efforts to the more than 70,000 customers without power. High winds knocked down power lines, and more than 33 electric circuits have been affected. Damage assessment is still being done. MLGW leaders hope to have a more definite restoration timeline by Tuesday afternoon. The utility company began preparations for dealing with outages over the weekend.

Customer safety:

· All downed or sparking electric lines should be considered energized and should be considered dangerous and should be reported immediately to MLGW's 24-hour Emergency Line at 528-4465.

· Do not touch downed power lines or broken appliances.

· If you are in a vehicle that hits a pole and wires fall on your vehicle, stay inside and ask someone to call 911 for fire and police rescue first, then MLGW for assistance. Unless your life is threatened by severe injury or fire, you should remain in your car until an MLGW representative tells you it is safe to leave. If you must leave, however, jump completely clear of the vehicle, never touching the vehicle and the ground at the same time. Land with your feet together and be careful to maintain your balance.

-As of 10:30am Monday morning, MLGW reported 67,000 outages in Memphis, with 44 circuits still out.

-Call 528-4465 to report downed power lines, and 544-6500 to report outages.