Student arrested after taking stolen gun to Fairley High

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A student brought a stolen handgun to Fairley High School on Monday.

A fellow student told authorities that a senior at the school had a gun in his possession.

When police confronted the student about the gun, he voluntarily turned it over to officers.

The officers learned that the unloaded handgun was reported stolen out of Arkansas.

School officials said automated messages were sent to parents Monday, alerting them to the arrest.

The officials said the student had no prior disciplinary problems. They also said there was no ongoing threat to other students at the school.

The student is charged with carrying a weapon on school property, theft of property under $1,000, and unlawfully carrying or possessing a weapon.

The student was new to the school, transferring to Fairley High last month, according to Green Dot Public Schools.

The district said another student alerted administrators Monday morning about a classmate with an unloaded 9mm handgun on campus.

"I am sending my granddaughter here to get an education," grandmother Faye King said. "I am not sending her here to be fearful."

Parents in the school pick-up line Tuesday afternoon said they were grateful for the student speaking up.

"Yes, I am very thankful because anything could happen," parent Lakisha Miller said. "What if the child wouldn't have said anything? You know?"

"I think it's what they should be doing," one parent said. "Otherwise the administration wouldn't have known anything about it."

The school system sent the following statement about the situation:

"Green Dot Public Schools' primary goal is to make sure that all students and staff are safe. We appreciate the diligence of fellow students in bringing this event to the attention of the appropriate officials."

It's still unclear why the teen brought the gun to campus.

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