ServiceMaster employees beautify Main St. in honor of MLK

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - ServiceMaster honored Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with a spring cleaning day on Monday.

The employee service project helped beautify Main Street from Civic Center Plaza to MLK Boulevard, the route of Dr. King's final march.

On March 28, 1968, it was the intended route of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during the sanitation worker strike.

"When we looked at it and thought what could we contribute to the city on this very special occasion, we thought why not beautify that very path?" said Velvet Graham with ServiceMaster Events and Community Relations.

Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland praised ServiceMaster employees for their willingness to serve.

"To volunteer a whole day of their man power to cleaning up litter and planting flowers to beautify the route Dr. King took from Clayborn to city hall is a beautiful gesture," Mayor Strickland said.

Other employees said with the city receiving national coverage later this week, it just seemed right.

"It is really exciting that we get to live and work in this community and beautify the area to help bring more people downtown, more businesses downtown," said Brittney Murckson, who manages social media for ServiceMaster. "Especially when we have visitors in this area. And just to come downtown and see these beautiful paintings on the walls. See the beautiful flowers, especially with the national coverage this week. People will come down here and really see what Memphis is all about."

"I'm just vibing," said Kelly Miller, member of ServiceMaster's IT Department. "Going with the energy going with the flow, it just feels right."

One man, who was a member of the 1968 sanitation workers strike, also praised the work the employees did to better the community.

"Especially to the city," Elmore Nickleberry said. "It ain't too many people that come in the city and start cleaning up all at one time."

Another employee said it's all part of the company's way of doing things.

"We are a company that cares," she said. "We serve. We care. We deliver."

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