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Dave Cera

Tigers' Byrne Ready To Start

Head coach Tommy West doesn't know exactly what to expect in the Tigers season opener, but offers this.

"Patrick has gotta throw it well."

Patrick, as in Patrick Byrne, the Tigers new quarterback. He has a world of pressure on him.  He's following Tigers' all-time leading passer Danny Wimprine, he has a Heisman trophy candidate depending on him and a legion of Tiger fans in search of a 3rd straight bowl game.

"I think you'll see a lot more short passes to pick up first downs. We'll take what the defense gives us this year," says Byrne.

That sounds good. Throw enough to keep the defense honest and let DeAngelo do his thing. Byrne has better mobility than Wimprine did, running a 4.5 (40), that too should help.

 "He gets outside and can make things happen with his arm or feet," says Maurice Avery.

DeAngelo Williams: "I like his decision making. He puts the ball on the money and if he doesn't, he gets really upset. He strives to get better with every play and that's what I like about him."

'He's perfect for this because he's laid back. Danny would be in the bathroom throwing up before games because he was so jacked up.'

Byrne is so ready for his new assignment, he's assumed the role of a team leader. If you don't believe it, ask DeAngelo.

DeAngelo: "He's gotten in my face a time or two and it kind of shocked me. I was like whoa...yes sir Pat."

"Not many people get the opportunity to start for a division 1 team. And it's on ESPN against Ole Miss. So I plan to take advantage of it."

Just 6 more days to wait. It's the Tigers and Rebels, Monday September 5th.

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