Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau helps evacuees

The phones rang off the hook at the Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau offices, which began operating Wednesday as a clearing house for information for hurricane evacuees.

Kevin Kane of the Convention & Visitors Bureau said it's one stop shopping for the information that makes life livable.

"Within 24 hours we went from getting phone calls from who has a hotel room available to how do I get my kids enrolled in school here," he said.

Kane runs the bureau, but it's people like Phyllis Newsom who are making the one on one connections with those in need.

"It takes a strong person to do this," she said.

Because, Newsom said, not only are there calls for places to stay and where to get a meal, but there are also cries for help that bare the human soul.

Newsom has shed more than a few tears recently.

"I love to help and when I can't help it breaks me down and that's what's happening, it's breaking me down," she said.

Knowing that what happened six hours from where she sits is affecting us all, "It's something I used to watch on television overseas or whatever but it's here, it's here and it's scary."

Call 901-543-5300 between 8:30am and 5:00pm for more information.