Mississippi hit hard by hurricane

Two major east-west bridges are destroyed, with enormous sections of reinforced concrete toppled like dominoes.

Hurricane Katrina exploded and washed away whole neighborhoods in Bay Saint Louis and Waveland, leaving only concrete slabs and scattered bricks.

It dumped the innards of swanky beachfront houses a quarter-mile inland on their neighbors' lawns. The storm reduced hundreds of homes in Pass Christian to splinters, and snapped forests of pine trees like twigs.

In Gulfport, part of a hulking casino barge straddles the beach-side U-S Highway 90, 50 yards from where it stood Sunday.

The heaviest damage in Mississippi appears to be between the beaches and the railroad tracks -- a strip of land about a mile deep, from north to south, across most of Harrison County. About 90 percent of homes and businesses in that strip of land appear to be either destroyed or severely damaged.

That's what Governor Haley Barbour and others saw first hand
yesterday during a National Guard helicopter tour of more than 50
miles of the Mississippi coastline.

Barbour says the coast looks like Hiroshima after the atomic bomb was dropped.