Family tells story of Memphians trapped in hurricane zone

As Hurricane Katrina bore down on New Orleans Sunday, nine members of a Memphis bachelor party were stuck. They travelled to New Orleans from Memphis on an Amtrak train couldn't get out.

Among the group was 31 year-old Scott Baker of Midtown.

"I was scared sick," said Baker's mother Sue Ann. " I just wasn't able to focus on anything...just really scared to death."

When the storm passed, Baker's mother was relieved. Then the water started rising, trapping them in their French Quarter hotel.

Tuesday, from their roofs, the Memphis travellers watched the water rising and looters breaking into other hotels. They decided to get out.

"It was ultimately their fear for their safety that forced them to go," said Shannon Hein, Baker's girlfriend.

The group waded through flooded streets, finally getting on an elevated highway and walking for miles. They lived on M&M, potato chips, and bottled water, and conserved cell phone power by keeping conversations short.

Watching catastrophic scenes on the news made it hard for Sue Ann Baker to know her son was o.k.

Finally, the family received word the men were picked up by a truck and were on their way to Baton Rouge.

An epic journey of survival that all began because of a bachelor party.