Platinum Plus owner appears in court

Platinum Plus owner Ralph Lunati sat before General Sessions Judge Larry Potter Wednesday after he and his attorney failed to work out an agreement with the state for the club to reopen.

Law enforcement closed the club down Friday night citing a nuisance law.

"Any establishment which is violating the laws of the State of Tennessee, which are covered under the nuisance action, an action will be filed," said Assistant District Attorney Valarie Smith.

Prosecutors say undercover agents were able to buy 10 pills of the drug ecstasy from club dancers over 45 plain view of club managers.

Lunati wouldn't talk to Action News 5, but his attorney said Lunati had no knowledge his dancers were allegedly selling drugs.

"Do you think that there are that many drug transactions taking place in some City schools, in some of the sporting events, in some of the concerts that take place?" asked Ten Hansom, Lunati's attorney. "Does that mean that they pose a public nuisance? It doesn't mean that the school authorities condone it."

Still, the club will remain closed until both sides are back before Judge Potter for a hearing on the public nuisance issue Friday afternoon.