Groups unite for free city-wide health fair

(Source: Healthy Tennessee)
(Source: Healthy Tennessee)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - For many Americans, affordable healthcare is a luxury.

Often, one of the first consequences of living in poverty is lacking access to basic healthcare needs.

Now, with the backing of the mayor's office, multiple nonprofits are uniting to fix the issue.

"Oh, it's a huge need, all across the state, here in Memphis and really all across the country," said Caprice Morgan with United Healthcare's Community Outreach.

That's why people at Healthy Tennessee are providing a free, city-wide health fair to those in need.

"In a city like Memphis where so many of our folks are struggling with diabetes, so many folks are struggling with obesity, it's really important to take the time to educate folks about the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle," Healthy Tennessee President Manny Sethi said.

Healthy Tennessee and United Healthcare announced their partnership with the city on this effort at a press conference Wednesday.

"I can't stress enough to you, we've got to start thinking about tackling some of these problems on the front end," Sethi said.

The fair will be held Saturday, April 28 at "The House Memphis." About 100 local nurses will volunteer to perform free health screenings ranging from testing blood pressure to giving eye exams.

"Labs, diabetic screening, retinal eye screening," Sethi said.

Organizers said it's a local effort to ending a continuing problem happening across America.

"So many folks don't make enough to actually afford a health insurance premium and so they're sort of caught in the crack there where they can't get the help they need but they don't necessarily have the money to pay for it," Morgan said.

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