Dog missing from Overton Park returns home safely

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - UPDATE: Buddy has since been returned safely to his home. The story below is how it aired in its original form.

A mystery is brewing at Overton Park.

A man thinks someone may have stolen his dog, and the animal hasn't been seen in more than 24 hours.

Joe Fenstermacher is heartbroken. He believes someone took off with his chihuahua Buddy in Overton Park. He put up flyers hoping someone finds him.

"He means the world to me. He is my buddy," he said.

Fenstermacher told Memphis Police Department his dog, Buddy, disappeared after a walk in Overton Park near the dog park Tuesday night.  He said he walked down the paved path with his Chihuahua around 6:30 p.m.

"I let him out of the car and when we got on the path, I took him off the leash and let him run," he said. "He ran around the corner and he just disappeared."

Fenstermacher said he walked every path in Overton Park looking for Buddy until 9 Tuesday night when it got dark.

"Whistling 'come here Buddy, come here Buddy.' There's not any place in the park he could be that he didn't hear me," he said.

Fenstermacher has had Buddy for two-and-a-half years. He said the chihuahua always comes when he calls and whistles, and he takes Buddy to the dog park every day. He is very familiar with all aspects of the park.

"Anytime he gets out of sight and I can't see him, I whistle and he'll come right up," he said.

Fenstermacher returned to the dog park area Wednesday to put up flyers and call police to report Buddy missing. He suspects someone took Buddy but he can't prove it. He never saw anyone take Buddy--his constant companion just disappeared.

If you know anything about what happened to Buddy or know who has him, call police. It will make Joe Fenstermacher very happy.

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