Radio Control Cars: Hit the Road with Power!

It's definitely not your old-fashioned r/c car anymore!
You'll have to choose between touring cars, racing cars, sedans, off-road buggies.  You can also pick out a monster trucks, a low-rider, a sports car replica or even a mini-car.
Once you decide the vehicle you want, then you have to choose what kind of power you want.  You can still choose an electric kit, which uses a battery.  They are easier to operate and maintain, and can even run indoors.
But the big trend now is nitro-gas powered cars.  They last longer, drive further, and can really outperform anything else on the parking lot!
There are many other choices you'll need to make, but the staff at Hobbytown USA can answer your questions and make sure you get the r/c car you'll be most happy with.