Flying High with R/C Planes

For many people, radio control means airplanes, and Hobbytown USA has plenty of airplanes to choose from.
Flying is a little harder than just driving an R/C car or truck.  You used to have get flight training from a pro to learn how to fly a plane.  But thanks to the increasing use of microchips and digital control, that's no longer the case.  Many companies make planes that are perfect for the first timer, right out of the box, and we can show you those at Hobbytown USA.
Helicopters are also popular R/C vehicles these days, but they can be a little trickier because they have extra controls to deal with.  You might think choppers would be easier because you don't have to find a runway for a landing, but that's not necessarily true.  There are also entry-level helicopters with simplified controls.