Bond hearing delayed for accused killers of Lorenzen Wright

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A bond hearing for Sherra Wright and Billy Turner was delayed.

Both Wright and Turner are charged with first-degree murder of former NBA star Lorenzen Wright.

In March, Shelby County prosecutors said they would not seek the death penalty for Wright or Turner. That decision was made at the request of Lorenzen's family.

With the death penalty off the table, defense attorneys are now looking to get Sherra and Turner released on bond.

Sherra's attorney, Blake Ballin, said she is not a flight risk. He said Sherra was known in the community and was not a flight risk, but he still expected the judge to make it so she could not leave the country.

Meanwhile, Turner's attorney said his client has been cooperating with the investigation for seven years. He hopes that history of cooperation is enough to get the judge to grant Turner a bond.

Wright and Turner were set to see a judge for a bond hearing Thursday, but that has been moved back to May 4.

However, attorneys did start laying the groundwork for the arguments they plan to present in future legal proceedings.

It's unknown if the DA's office will ask a judge for Wright and Turner to be held without bond until the murder trial for Lorenzen Wright.

Their attorneys continue to go through an estimated 20,000 pages of notes from the 2010 investigation into the killing of the NBA and University of Memphis basketball star.

Meanwhile, his accused killers will have to wait even longer on the possibility of being released from jail.

"Both sides will have the opportunity to bring witnesses," District Attorney Paul Hagerman said. "Some things are relevant at a bond hearing, some things are not."

At the May hearing, both Wright and Turner's attorneys will argue for the release of their clients. They will likely use witness testimony to try to compel Judge Lee Coffee to rule in favor of setting a bond.

"Ms. Wright is limited in her resources and we are just asking that a reasonable bond be set," Wright's attorney Steve Farese Jr. said.

Farese said she is a woman with no prior criminal history and is not a flight risk.

If given bond, Farese said she would likely stay with her brother who lives in the area.

As for the hours of audio recordings that police recorded, attorneys for both defendants claim to have found nothing so far supportive to the state's case against Wright and Turner.

"Without getting into the specifics, I don't consider it to be that damning," Farese said.

"I stand united in that though, there is nothing my client has to say negatively at all against their client," Turner's attorney John Keith Perry Jr. said. "There is nothing that I heard that jarred me at all."

Though the bond hearing was delayed, Turner – a convicted felon – was arraigned on three separate gun charges

Court documents say guns were found at Turner's home when he was arrested in December.

His attorney made it clear the murder weapon was not found in Turner's home.

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