Landfill proposals spark intense opposition from communities

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Two Memphis communities are loudly protesting proposed landfills near residential neighborhoods.

Just three months ago, the crowd at the Memphis City Council meeting cheered after defeating a construction and demolition landfill proposed for Frayser, right next to a school.

Thursday morning, two different communities were fighting new, separate proposals for construction and demolition landfills before the Land Use Control Board from a different company Blaylock and Brown Construction.

The proposals would allow for the landfills after a number of years to be filled and have development on top of them.

The first proposal was for 5559 Shelby Oaks in Berclair. The site would be located next to Freed Hardeman University, who spoke in opposition.

"You hear the noise from your pressure washer which is nothing compared to the noise that we'll be dealing with for 10 hours a day, six days a week," said Steve Ritter from FHU.

The Land Use Control Board decided to hold the application for 30 days. The next site proposal was 2353 East Holmes, next to Longstreet United Methodist Church and a cemetery.

There were so many speakers in opposition that the group had to gather outside to pick only a few who would talk.

"No, we do not want this in our area," resident Mary Donald said.

"This is environmental racism," environmentalist Marquita Bradshaw said.

Others stood in support behind them. The Land Use Control Board unanimously denied the application.

Industry professionals still said there is a tremendous need, due to construction in Memphis, for more construction demolition landfills. But creating those landfills will have to wait another day.

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